SOLD - 919 W Cullerton - $729,900

+Plus House #4 has roof access as well as a flat roof atop the garage. The rooftop offers incredible views of the downtown skyline. Down the block is the Paseo trail and all around are cafes, breweries, and restaurants. Across the street is the Mural Park office campus redevelopment. LEED Silver certification is pending.

 This home was featured on the US Green Building Council’s Green Built Home Tour in a near-completed state of construction.

USGBC green built home tour

As described here in our USGBC writeup,

The tour of the +Plus House will educate you about how indoor air quality affects health and the unique ways that we have achieved an exceptionally high air quality standard, from the envelope and foam insulated foundation, to the air cleaning drywall, advanced ERV system, and paints and finishes carefully chosen according to their VOC-releasing properties. The +Plus House is also built with efficient resource use in mind. At this home you will see a superior heating/cooling system, advanced Energy Star framing techniques with thermal bridging, building materials sourced locally and made of recycled material, and solar power potential. As a bonus, while at +Plus House you will experience a neighborhood at a crossroads. You will learn about the dozens of units of development that are about to impact the market in Pilsen and why the neighborhood is still so affordable.

Floor Plan

LEED residential chicago floor plan


Photos - taken from completed +Plus Houses

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