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Patrick Buckley of Buckley Builders has over 25 years of experience in construction and has emerged as a pioneer in green building. From the beginning Patrick was known to take pride in being hands-on in all aspects of realizing his projects, from picking locations, to home design, to permitting, to general contracting, and sub-contractor negotiations. Through his attention to detail he gained superior knowledge and started looking for ways to branch out.

Prior his work with +Plus House, Patrick was already starting to consider energy efficiency in building and began incorporating green aspects into some of his homes. He was looking for a way to take home building to the next level – to learn better building practices and to make a better product. Patrick was the perfect partner to take on the +Plus House challenge of bringing a LEED home to the market with an affordable price tag.

+Plus House now has six LEED certified green homes, thanks to Patrick. He is almost the only builder in the Chicago residential market who has built multiple LEED projects, and definitely the only one who has completed multiple projects in a year built for spec. Not to mention that Patrick has completed every +Plus House on budget despite the difficulty of building to LEED standards. Two of his green homes, at 1627 S Newberry and 616 W Cullerton, had the honor of being featured in successive years on the USGBC’s Green Built Homes Tour. At the tour Patrick spoke to hundreds of architects, designers, builders, and sustainable building advocates about how he has been able to deliver the most efficient homes on the market while maintaining a low price.

After the first​ LEED Gold house at 1627 S Newberry was completed​ Patrick said ​in an interview ​that the creative challenges and logical constraints of building a LEED home have indeed made him a better builder.​ When that home was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business magazine, the proud owner attested to the importance of the LEED aspect to her, saying that “there are also nice, pretty things like bamboo floors but we think the heart of it, the real green features, are more important.” The Broker for +Plus House, Phil Buoscio, stated it as “I have sold for dozens of builders over 20 years and 600 transactions and Patrick has amazed me with his desire to build better, at the cost of his own bottom line. He didn’t have to build greener or healthier. He could have made more money faster not doing it. ​This is rare in a builder.  I’m very lucky to have met him.”

Phil Buoscio is a top producer honored with over 20 Awards from the Chicago Association of Realtors and has personally closed over $150,000,000 in real estate sales in over 500 transactions. He is the founder and Managing Broker of Better Living Realty, a boutique Brokerage founded with an eye towards custom marketing. Phil has been in sales for 17 years and in construction for over 30, earning a license as a General Contractor and acquiring an exhaustive knowledge of home building. Through his hands-on work building and remodeling homes he has seen how construction materials and techniques impact occupant health and committed to seeking out healthy practices to share with the community. Phil’s hope is to alter the course of the building industry by making green building practices the standard. In his search for builders who share his vision Phil found Patrick Buckley of Buckley Builders. Patrick has a wealth of healthy building experience and a commitment to offering homes at affordable prices. Other builders are already starting to follow Patrick’s lead.

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